ABU Series tint film for car windows

ABU series is our primary line for car window tinting, and it comes with four crucial features that cater to the primary reasons people get their car tinted. With this series, We offer car tinting price Malaysia can afford.

The features include:

1. Ultraviolet Protection:

ABU series tint film for car windows blocks most harmful UV radiation and prevents them from entering the car.

2. Thermal Dissipation:

Car window tinting with ABU series performs excellent thermal dissipation, maintaining an optimum temperature inside the care and keeping it from getting heated up

3. Glare Reduction:

Glare reduction features of the ABU series make your driving secure by preventing intense radiations and reflections from passing through the windows. It also saves your eyes from the effects of intense radiation.

4. Shatterproof:

ABU series makes your car physically secure with its shatterproof technology that makes your window hard to break and holds it together even if it breaks.

IAGO Series for car window tinting

IAGO series is our advanced range of tint film for car windows, and it comes with additional features for your comfort. IAGO car window tint film price is your best bargain

1. Ultraviolet Protection:

Car tinted with the IAGO series provides superior protection against UV radiations that are harmful to your skin. Without the IAGO series, you are putting your skin at risk of early aging and skin cancer.

2. Thermal Dissipation:

With the IAGO series, you can have a comfortable atmosphere inside your car with its thermal dissipation feature, regardless of the temperature and heat inside.

3. Clear Visibility:

IAGO series gives you complete control over filtering out harmful radiations without compromising your visual clarity as it does not affect visible light.

4. No Signal Disruption:

Many would be concerned that car window tinting would disrupt the network signals for mobile and internet services. But if you get IAGO series film tint for car windows, you will get no interference with network signals.

5. Shatterproof:

Get a feel of ultimate security by getting your car tinted with the IAGO series. IAGO series window tints provide enhanced protection against window shattering with its fine micro-make.

RAJAH Series for Premium car tint films

Rajah is our best-selling series at Alatin. It has all the benefits of a regular ceramic tint film , but it also comes with some additional features that have increased its demand in Malaysia.

1. UV Protection:

RAJAH series window tints prove superior protection against ultraviolet radiations by effectively blocking 99% of the UV rays.

2. Signal Disruption:

We understand your need to stay connecting in your car, and that's why our RAJAH series is designed to not interfere with your electronic device signals at all.

3. Thermal Dissipation:

Get a moderate temperature and save your car’s interior from the damage of the scorching heat. Use our RAJAH series for getting your car tinted and get superior and effective thermal dissipation.

4. Clear Visibility:

Our RAJAH series shades you from harmful radiations while providing a clear pathway for the visible light that you do not have to compromise on road safety.

5. Shatterproof:

Get protection and safety with our RAJAH series that protects you from harmful rays, provides you privacy, and keeps you safe from attackers by making your car windows virtually shatterproof.

IONIX Series

Make a statement while getting all the benefits of tint film for car windows with our newly introduced IONIX series.

IONIX series has brought a revolution in car window tinting with its innovative qualities.

1. Air Purification:

While protecting you from excessive sunlight, IONIX series window tints also perform air purification in your car. It effectively blocks out pollutants and breaks them down if they get inside your car.

2. Negative Ions Technology:

Get your car tinted with the IONIX series. When exposed to a harmful substance, the tints will release negative ions, effectively breaking them down on microscopic levels, reducing health hazards.

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