As someone coming from sales management, our founder James Yip has quite a compelling story of his own.



With years of experience in several Multinational companies, namely JTI, Maxis and DKSH; he views the automotive industry through a different lens. James presumes that this industry has great potential of sustainability in the future. He challenges the traditional business approach of the brick and mortar structure. Being a strong supporter of the blue ocean strategy, he is open to capturing new marketspace and creating new demand in pursuit of differentiation and low cost. By doing so, he creates a new model in the field. Hence, this is how Alatin came about.


Alatin is an e-platform offering tinted film services direct from the manufacturer. We are the first in the industry to offer such a service. By having an e-platform, we remove all intermediaries and unnecessary cost in obtaining our services. Our founder is of the opinion that tinted films should be affordable to everyone without compromising on quality.

How did Alatin ensued?

James being a car owner himself had a first hands experience when he bought his first car. Given the hot and sunny weather in Malaysia, he went on to install a branded tint for his brand new car that burnt a hole in his pocket. It costed him a soaring RM 4,800. Down the line, he found out that the cost of his car tints were only a mere RM1,000.

From there on, James and his partner came up with the e-platform idea that provides the same quality equal to those of top brands without costing a fortune.