"Premium and affordable tinted films, direct from manufacturer to you."

Alatin is an e-platform offering tinted film services direct from the manufacturer. We are the first in the industry to offer such a service. By having an e-platform, we remove all intermediaries and unnecessary cost in obtaining our services. Our founder is of the opinion that tinted films should be affordable to everyone without compromising on quality


"I will recommend you to those around me who's looking for car tint. Extremely satisfied with the result. Good price and good explanation by the Alatin team on which tint suits me best"

Alfred Tan

Bought IAGO Series

"My last car tint done on my Honda City cost me more than RM 3000. After having gone through a few brands for my new car, I decided on Alatin as the price is very affordable for the tint of this quality. "

- Mohd Hafiz

Bought ABU Series

"Have never bought car tint online but was impressed with the patience of the Alatin team. They answered all my questions relating to car tint and I ultimately went with them as their service was pretty good and it fits my budget."

- Rajandran.K

Bought RAJAH Series