"Premium and affordable tinted films, direct from manufacturer to you."

Alatin is a tech-friendly tint film supplier and believes in automation and facilitation of the customers for ease of services. We have a simple four-step process for your facilitation to getting malaysia car tinted


"I will recommend you to those around me who's looking for car tint. Extremely satisfied with the result. Good price and good explanation by the Alatin team on which tint suits me best"

Alfred Tan

Bought IAGO Series

"My last car tint done on my Honda City cost me more than RM 3000. After having gone through a few brands for my new car, I decided on Alatin as the price is very affordable for the tint of this quality. "

- Mohd Hafiz

Bought ABU Series

"Have never bought car tint online but was impressed with the patience of the Alatin team. They answered all my questions relating to car tint and I ultimately went with them as their service was pretty good and it fits my budget."

- Rajandran.K

Bought RAJAH Series

Alatin - Window Tint Film Suppliers

Reason to get your car tinted

Malaysia has tropical weather, which means the atmosphere is warm and humid most of the year. The average temperature is 32C which can make direct exposure to the sun really uncomfortable and harmful.

Such weather makes driving really inconvenient with the bright sun and scorching heat. To provide a solution to the problem, Alatin is working as a tint film supplier.

How can a Car Tint Supplier help?

With the best car tint, you can filter out the sun from your car, keeping yourself safe from UV radiations and direct heat. You can also keep your car's interior from getting warmed up and affected by the sun.

We have been working as a car tint supplier for as long as when window tint film suppliers first appeared in the market with the introduction of best car window tinting .

Choose Alatin for the best car Tint

In addition to being the leader in the industry, Alatin tint film supplier is also the first company to streamline and upgrade its car tint supplier business with the latest technological advancement.

What differentiates us from an ordinary tint film supplier?

We have introduced our own e-platform as tint film suppliers that have eradicated the need of any third parties. We purchase window tint films directly from the manufacturers, and there is no middle man between the manufacturing companies and Alatin.

Such innovation has enabled us to ensure the quality of our tint film for car windows as well as facilitated us to cut the costs that usually would go to the middlemen.

The innovation has been a part of our founder’s mission to provide a quality and affordable window tinting solution to everyone in Malaysia. That is what makes us the best car tint shop stop.

The Largest window tint film suppliers in Malaysia

At Alatin, you can get all types of window tint films with the most superior quality. You can get customized solutions depending upon your needs and requirements, and the options that we provide are never-ending.