Warranty Policy

Alatin Warranty Policy


Alatin Limited Lifetime Warranty warrants that so long your vehicle is under your possession, our tint films properties maintains it efficacy against cracking, peeling, fading, crazing, loosening, bubbling, delamination and demetallizing for a period of seven (7) years after installation. Warranty is deemed void if product has been contingent to improper care, neglect, mishandling, abuse, accident or film product choice.


This Warranty is given to the original purchaser and is not transferable.


Alatin shall not be held liable in tort or contract for any loss, injury, direct consequential or incidental damage, arising out of the use or inability to use this product. Alatin does not warrant glass breakage after the product has been installed.


Alatin does not warrant against PUSPAKOM inspection. JPJ Warranty only applies to the original purchaser with ownership of the said vehicle, and is only applicable for product packages that comply with JPJ regulations.


Newly installed window tint films may have dimples, lumps, or slight bubbles when looking through it. On some occasions, the film may look milky or hazy in spots. All these are common in the process before the tint completely cures. It takes time for moisture from the application to slowly evaporate and diminish. All tint films require a curing time of up to 14 days depending on the current weather at that point of time, film type, and amount of air conditioner used.



Window Care Instructions.

Alatin tint films may be washed using ordinary car wash liquid. It is recommended to only wash your car thirty (30) days after installation. Abrasive cleaning agents or bristle brushes must not be used to avoid scratching the tint films. Sponges, squeegees and car cloth are recommended to be used with the cleaning solution. Do not tape or use other adhesives on the tint films, otherwise warranty is considered void