All the above are terminologies used in thetinted film industry to determine different specifications of films used.

VLT= Visible Light Transmittance

TSER= Total Solar Energy Rejection

IRR= Infrared Rejection

UVR= Ultraviolet Rejection.

Our brand focuses on convenience and affordability; cutting intermediaries cost. All proceeds from sales goes to further development of our product and quality of tints. We also invest in bettering the skills of our labor force.

Having our tint installed on your car windows provides added protection from harmful UV rays and regulates the level of heat and light. It also helps prevent glare and saves energy. The tints will enhance your comfort, privacy and safety. In the event of glass breakage, the film provides shatter resistance by holding the dangerous pieces of glass together; protecting those in the car.

It takes about 7 days for the film to completely cure. Avoid cleaning or winding down your windows during this period of time.

Alatin tint films are tested to have noninterference with GPS, satellite or mobile phone reception, hence no frustration on losing connectivity on the go.

Attributable to its high capability of heat rejection, the tint films will slightly affect infrared light devices such as Smart Tag. It is advisable to travel at 20km/ hour at the Smart Tag terminal(as mentioned by PLUS) so as it picks up the signal form your device.

Higher efficacy can be achieved if you install a metalized film.

Yes it does! Though nothing stops fading, Alatin tint films are designed to help reduce discoloring and cracks in your vehicle as it nearly rejects all UV light.

An additional fee of RM80 for old/ existing tint removal will be applied

As to all other products, there is a wear and tear to it. The average lifespan of a tint film is 10 years or more depending on the care and condition where the car is exposed to.

First, darker film doesn’t mean better heat rejection. Heat rejection Is calculated based on TSER. The current regulation for Malaysia are 70% VLT for windscreen, 50% VLT for front side windows and any percentage for the rear windows.

There may be slight bubbles in the week after installation, but it will clear off once the glue dries. If bubbling is still prominent after a week, the factors are normally due to poor workmanship, low quality glue adhesive or film

Alatin has a 7 days money back guarantee should there be any factory default with the film. We also provide a 7 years warranty for a 1 to 1 exchange in the occasion if the tint film fades or bubbles. No warranty is provided for man made damage.

We offer a 15 days 100% refund should you change your mind on the purchase (from the date of verified payment). Such request can me made by dropping us an email at hello@alatin.com.my.

Refund will only be made by request via email as we will require your bank particulars for us to transact the amount back to you.

We provide a 90days installation period to all our clients. If you are unavailable on your selected date that you have chosen at checkout, you may reschedule up to 2(two) times via email communication to hello@alatin.com.my within the 90 days period. Once it has passed the 90days mark, we allow a 50% refund from the amount paid.

Refund will only be made by request via email as we will require your bank particulars for us to transact the amount back to you.

It normally takes 2 days for your order to arrive to your preferred installer workshop.